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Estate Law in Fort Worth, TX

Settling Estate Disputes in Fort Worth, TX

Losing a loved one is an emotionally trying time, and dealing with legal disputes only adds to the stress. Wilson White & Doby, LLP is here to help you during these difficulties. We provide our expertise and support to guide you through any estate disputes in Fort Worth, TX.

Our legal team has extensive experience with estate planning, probate law, and the legal challenges that can arise after a death in the family. Whether you are an executor, beneficiary, or challenger, our skilled estate attorneys will leverage all of our firm’s resources to improve your chances of a timely and satisfactory resolution. Contact our law office today to begin discussing your case and find out how our attorney can assist you.

Your Guide to Complex Estate Challenges

Estate disputes are unique to each individual, so we provide custom-tailored services to meet your needs. Our estate attorneys have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in handling a range of estate litigation challenges surrounding wills, beneficiaries, and executors. Some examples include challenging exclusions from wills, inadequate provisions made for beneficiaries, and other arguments arising from estate distribution. We use practical solutions and in-depth investigations of precedent and local law to ensure our clients are equipped with the necessary legal tools to mount and face estate disputes.