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Administration of Estates in Fort Worth, TX

When someone you love passes, it can be very difficult to handle the legal process of dividing the estate left behind by that person. Wilson White & Doby, LLP is here to help you navigate and oversee the administration of estates in Fort Worth, TX. You want to honor the memory of the person that passed away, and the last thing you need is to have disputes with heirs about how the estate will be divided. With guidance from a lawyer, everyone can rest assured that everything follows the deceased's plan. This will help to avoid any .strife.

Estate administration is vital because it involves careful and personal details such as paying off any debts, closing accounts, and distributing property to heirs after someone has died. It's the administrator's job to compile assets and manage the estate through probate court, although the exact responsibilities are specified within the deceased person's Estate Plan or by state law. Put your trust in our estate attorneys when you are creating your own estate plan so that all your affairs are in order.

It is never too early to prepare, so reach out to our team today to begin planning. We will be glad to discuss your estate plan.